Daisy is a lumen processed print, created in 2023.

A lumen print is a solar photogram - an image created by placing organic objects on photographic paper, exposing them in sunlight, then washing them in a traditional fixer bath as you would any analogue photograph. This process began as one of photography’s earliest experiments in the 19th century.  Sanchez started working with the lumen print process in 2008. 

About the Artist

"From the first print I was hooked, captivated by the relationship between the emulsion and the sun, and that the end result is an impression of our world, as is. The exposure of a lumen print can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Everything is relative from the subject matter to the atmospheric conditions of the day. I took advantage of this years lack of rain and soaring temperatures to make some short summer exposures of floral subjects, offering a softer, more delicate, view of the world. The brief time out in the sun led to some nice colors so I left these lumens unfixed,  just like our weather. The images are archival reproductions, the original prints live in a black bag and over time will eventually fade."

Natasha Sanchez is a photographic artist, songwriter, performer & educator interested in, inspired by and continuously exploring the environment -  particularly the environment we create for ourselves. Her work explores new perspectives and different ways to see and connect with the world. In photography she uses digital, analogue and solar printing techniques (the lumen print process + a smidge of cyanotype) to share her worldview. Natasha lives and creates in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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